Sunday, 19 November 2017

Stalinists Resort to Reactionary Campaign on Language

- Rajesh Tyagi and Rajinder Kumar/ 18.11.2017

India has been home to a variety of reactionary and sectarian movements based on identities that relate to caste, religion, language etc.

Recent in the chain is the campaign by ‘Students for Society’ (SFS) in Punjab University, appealing to state and local authorities, to impart prominence to Punjabi language on the campus as against English and Hindi.

SFS is a nationally oriented student organization influenced by the program and politics of Stalin and Mao.  

In the not so distant past, a similar diehard linguistic campaign to reinforce Punjabi language as against Hindi and English was launched by the communal reactionary Khalistani movement. SFS is echoing the same while basing itself upon similar intransigent sentiments of the backward mass.

This campaign, in essence is an appeal to spurn English and Hindi in favour of local language, Punjabi.

The impulse for the campaign comes from the regressive sentiment that envisages an aversion to internationalism, convergence of peoples and cultures and in opposition to it calls for adherence to regionalism.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Amidst the Lies and Zig-Zags of Indian State, China Continues to Construct the Road in Doklam

- Anurag Pathak/ 9.10.2017

Barely a month since the stand-off with India at the Sikkim border, the Chinese army is found constructing a road on the Doklam Plateau, just 10 km from the location of the last conflict.

A shamefaced NDTV, that had joined chorus with other corporate channels a few weeks back to promote the manufactured lie that China has backtracked from Doklam, reported on October 5, “Thwarted in its last attempt, China has now shifted its unused road construction material North and East of the face-off site. Road construction workers brought into the area are accompanied by upto 500 soldiers though there are no indicators that these soldiers will be permanently based in the area - the Chinese town of Yatung, which is less than 20 km away as the crow flies, is a few hours by road and accommodates them. Neither are there signs of permanent structures to accommodate Chinese soldiers in the area which is snow-bound and bitterly cold in the winter”

Sunday, 8 October 2017

आखिर क्यों मार्क्सवादियों को अवश्य ही अम्बेडकर और अम्बेडकरवाद का विरोध करना चाहिए?

-राजेश त्यागी/ १६.४. २०१५  
हिंदी अनुवाद: रजिंदर, कल्पेश डोबरिया 

मायावती से पासवान तक, और ढसाल से जीतन राम तक, सभी अंबेडकरवादियों का पूंजीवाद और उसकी राजनैतिक सत्ता के आज्ञाकारी दलालों के तौर पर पर्दाफाश हो गया है। उनकी विश्वासघाती भूमिका, गरीबों और वंचितों के लिए उनकी झूठी लफ्फाजी के बावजूद, गरीबों और निम्न जातियों की जनता के तबकों को अमीरों और अभिजातों की सत्ता के पीछे बांधने में ही निहित है। 

यहां हम उन प्रमुख मुद्दों को रेखांकित कर रहे हैं, जो हम क्रान्तिकारी मार्क्सवादियों और अम्बेडकरवादियों के बीच विवाद के सार को इंगित करेंगे-

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Defiant Authorities at BHU Threaten Students of More Police Violence After Recent Lathicharge

- Anurag Pathak/ 23.9.2017

Amidst spiraling student agitation on the BHU campus, against savage police repression unleashed upon the students last night, and in its wake, the anti-government protests across the country catching momentum, the Varsity administration has issued marching out orders to students, asking them to vacate the hostels by 4 pm today or face more stern action by PAC, the armed constabulary.    

Last night, police has brutally lathicharged the protesting students of Banaras Hindu University who had continued to protest for the fourth day against molestation of a female student inside the campus. Dozens of students, majority of them girls, have got admitted to hospital after they suffered multiple injuries during this predatory police operation.

The molestation incident had triggered protest of students against the University administration for its callousness in taking any action and blaming the victim, instead.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

On Bullet Train and Sardar Sarovar Dam

- Rajesh Tyagi/18.9.2017

Last week was witness to two major events in India, that would give a facelift to its capitalist development - one, inauguration of a project of bullet train, the rapid rail transport, connecting the cities of Bombay and Ahmedabad and the other start of Sardar Sarovar Dam on river Narmada.

The two projects are critical to historically belated and subsequently retarded capitalist development in India.

Like the British were forced by the course of development of history and against their free will to industrialize India including introduction of trains in it, the Indian capitalist rulers, despite their far limited resources, are forced to take it further, even at greater pace.

Taking power in 1947 as clients of world Imperialism, Indian bourgeoisie had little to their coffers. The roadmap they fantasized about for an independent capitalistic development did not fruition under the strangulation of world imperialism. The Nehruvian model, based on the program of an independent capitalistic development, a mix of state monopoly and private enterprise, started to crumble even before its take-off, in the face of neo-liberal offensive of world capitalism.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Worker-Socialists Intervene in the Agitation of Shiksha-Mitras as Scores of them Pour in at Jantar Mantar in Delhi

- Our Delhi Correspondent/ 12.9.2017

As agitation of ‘Shiksha-Mitras’ of Uttar Pradesh in Delhi entered the second day of protest, a massive gathering of these primary teachers has taken place at Jantar Mantar today, with more and more pouring in till late afternoon. Entire stretch on both sides of the road, from Kasturba Gandhi Marg to Jantar Mantar, was occupied by these teachers after the allocated space was full.

Comrades from WSP took part in the protest and talked to many of such affected teachers individually, addressing them alongside in small groups at few points.

The agitation of shiksha-mitras in Delhi is part of their ongoing movement since the judgment of Supreme Court has given green signal to the state government to throw around one lakh seventy two thousand teachers on road. The teachers, who had worked for years together before being relieved of their jobs without any plausible justification, had come to Delhi to protest against their victimisation by the government of Uttar Pradesh.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Voting for the Left, JNU Once Again Rejects the Right-Wing Nationalist Bandwagon of Sanghis and Ambedkarites!

- Rajesh Tyagi/10.9.2017

Students' Union Poll results in JNU are out!

There is clear lead for the Left but coupled with comparatively sharper decrease in its vote share than that of the two right-wing organisations- ABVP and BAPSA.

Though, any victory, is always an occasion to applaud and celebrate and we must congratulate the students in JNU for it, those who voted for the Left in opposition to the Right, yet a discreet analysis of the polls would reveal that far from an occasion to rejoice, this is the crucial moment of serious concern for the left to analyze the steep fall in its support among the students.   

Despite the fact that this time a combine of three left student organisations-SFI, AISA & DSF-has contested in unison as compared to the two- SFI & AISA- last year, the left combine failed to retain its vote share that it had polled last year. For example, for the post of President, the SFI-AISA combine had polled 1954 votes in 2016, while in 2017, the united platform of SFI-AISA-DSF, could poll only 1506 votes. That means a whopping loss of 448 votes and more. Against this loss for the left, BAPSA has lost 610, as it polled 935 this year as compared to 1545 last year. ABVP is the real gainer as it lost marginally 6 votes, retaining 1042 out of 1048 last year.